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Ingersoll Rand

We are an international company with US roots providing various administrative and financial services for the industrial sector. Despite the accelerating growth of our Brno office from 30 to 240+ employees we like to distance ourselves from corporate anonymity by keeping up with today’s modern setup. We are a very diverse community of people with more than 10 languages and 35 nationalities but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to get together and have fun at social events & sports competitions.

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We are looking for enthusiastic people who are passionate about the financial and sales support sectors in a global, multicultural company. English is a must, another language is a big advantage (preferably German, Italian, French). With us, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow, while using your language skill set on a daily basis.

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Do 2 týdnů dostanete odpověď

Do 2 týdnů dostanete odpověď

O této společnosti díky našim systémům víme, že od ní nejméně 80 % kandidátů dostane odpověď velmi rychle, tj. do 2 týdnů.

Facility Coordinator

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