Scott.Weber Workspace, founded in 2009, is the largest provider of flexible workplace and coworking solutions in Czech Republic. It operates 10 premium office centers in Prague with more than 3,800 workplaces on a total area of 27,000 m2.

Our mission: we provide a complete workspace solution for companies of all sizes, empowered by premium workspace design, modern technology and genuine hospitality. We create workplace for various forms of productivity that could fit anyone’s needs by designing multiple space types —flexi desk, dedicated desk, private office, office suite, private floors equipped by focus rooms, team rooms, meeting & conference rooms, phone booths.

Head of Design & Construction

Position Overview:

  • Scott.Weber Workspace seeks a Head of Design & Construction who will be responsible for renovation of our existing locations and design and construction management of the new locations. He/She works closely with internal team and external partners on the whole process from inception through to completion of the new location. Even after a location has opened, he/she’s constantly on-the-go, looking for new ways to make members’ workday better, whether that means improving the soundproofing, percentage of natural light, desired coffee & F&B amenities, he/she is eager for feedback from the community managers how our space is utilized and surveying members about the space.
  • This position directly reports to the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”)

What will you do

  • Act as a single point of accountability for the management of the design and construction, IT/AV process from inception through to completion.
  • Develop and drive Real Estate construction and build out strategy and execution, responsible for the design direction and company’s design guide.
  • Responsible for internal team and external partners including Workspace Consultant, Designers, Engineers, Architects, General Contractors and Project Managers.
  • Cooperate with internal division Facility, Network Operations, Community Management.
  • Coordinate maintenance and renovation activities for our existing locations

Responsible for managing assigned projects of new location, from inception to completion in the following stages:

1) Real estate assessment:

  • Responisble for sourcing and selecting new sites, performing financial evaluations,
  • Leading and closing HoTs and lease negotiations and managing relations and communications with brokers and landlords
  • Oversight of the due diligence process, including working with the Design team on the initial test fit, arranging site visits, final assessment and recommendations.

2) Design

  • Preparation of design and project documentation in all phases i.e. Spaceplaning, Moodboards & Concept design, Final design study, Furniture solutions, project for construction permit, project for execution.
  • Working with leading designers and consultants ensuring that every location is built efficiently and in line with Scott.Weber’s design and brand standards.

3) Preconstruction:

  • Project planning: preparation of budget, time schedule, scope of works, technical specs.
  • Tender management: establishing of the team of external vendors including General Contractor, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Consultants.
  • Price and contract negotiation: oversee bid packages for GCs, manage RFIs and drawings approvals, coordinates the tendering proces.

4) Construction:

  • Supervise ongoing facilitation of weekly “control days” with GCs, designers, architects, and landlords.
  • Ensure that the completion of projects is within budget, schedule, expected quality and optimized for seamless operation.

5) New Centre Openings

  • Furniture delivery
  • Interior design
  • F&B setup
  • IT/AV implementation
  • Handing over of the new location to community management
  • Project close-out. 

Informace o pozici

Scott & Weber s.r.o.
Václavské náměstí 1601/47, Praha – Nové Město
Požadované vzdělání: Vysokoškolské / univerzitní
Požadované jazyky: Angličtina (Pokročilá), Čeština (Pokročilá)
Plat: 90 000 – 120 000 Kč / měsíc
Benefity: Sleva na firemní výrobky/služby, Dovolená 5 týdnů, Vzdělávací kurzy, školení, Příspěvek na sport/kulturu/volný čas, Zdravotní volno/sickdays, Možnost občasné práce z domova, Rozjezd zcela nového projektu
Zařazeno: Kultura, umění a tvůrčí práce, Stavebnictví a reality, Vrcholový management, Architekt, Designer, Project Manager, Realitní makléř, Technický dozor investora
Typ pracovního poměru
Typ pracovního poměru: Práce na plný úvazek, práce na zkrácený úvazek
Typ smluvního vztahu
Typ smluvního vztahu: pracovní smlouva, práce na živnostenský list (IČO)
Zadavatel: Zaměstnavatel

Scott Weber Workspace