Security Researcher / Vulnerability Researcher (kernel-mode/user-mode)

Who are we?

Since 2006 Excello s.r.o has been successfully operating in the cybersecurity field, delivering solid security solutions to businesses all around the world. By regularly updating our testing and analysis technology, we help our partners protect themselves against the very latest cybersecurity threats. We offer cloud email security solution Virusfree and cybersecurity audits, such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment/research, and forensic analysis.

Join our team

Do you like digging in the code (both source and machine one [e.g. x64/ARM64])? Do you have any experience in writing exploits and/or finding vulnerabilities in native code? Then come and join our team – we are quite like-minded. :)

No direct requirements - prove your skills in a direct way - references or on the spot (via interviews)
Where to start?

The best way to present your skill and prove your expertise is to pick any CVE (not a web application one), create an exploit, bring it for presentation. You may also convince us with your own 0-day. (This is optional.)

It is possible to work remotely if you prefer such an option.

We look forward to meeting you!

Some keywords

IDA Pro, gdb, radare2, Ghidra, windbg, static analysis, AFL, use-after-free, kd, type confusion, Windows Kernel, race condition, Patch Tuesday, x64, intel syntax, Python, dynamic analysis, C/C++, patch diff, logic bug, instrumentation, fuzzing, fun & profit

Informace o pozici

Excello s.r.o.
Václavské náměstí 819/43, Praha – Nové Město
Required education: Secondary education or professional training with a school-leaving exam
Required languages: English (Pre-intermediate)
Listed in: IS/IT: System and HW administration, IT Security Specialist
Employment form
Employment form: Full-time work
Contract duration
Contract duration: Permanent
Employment contract
Employment contract: employment contract, contract under Trade Certificate / Identification No.
Employer type: Employer

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