ITM is specialized on Integrated Management Systems including ISO 27001+, ISO 45001, ISO 12001, Data Privacy. We are working all over Germany for First Class Business Companies and for the public sector. For our team located in Dresden we are looking to reinforce with a Data Privacy Consultant.

Location is all over Germany, home office is partly possible. An expansion of our activities to the Czech market is planned for 2021.


  • Efforts to ensure compliance with all relevant legal regulations
  • Assistance in keeping an index of processing activities
  • Support for the creation of a data protection manual
  • Recording and evaluation of technical and organisational measures
  • Processing of enquiries on data protection issues
  • Support in coordination with the supervisory authorities
  • Prior checking of the introduction of new procedures and systems
  • Training and awareness raising of employees to comply with data protection regulations
  • Obligation of employees to maintain data secrecy
  • Drawing up annual activity reports
  • Consideration of the legal provisions in the processing of commissioned data (e.g. processing of data in computer centres)
  • Regular review of the order data processors


  • Personal reliability and independence
  • Basic knowledge of constitutionally guaranteed personal rights of the persons concerned and employees of the responsible body, and
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the content and application of the data protection regulations relevant to the responsible bodies, including technical and organisational aspects,
  • Knowledge of the scope of data protection and relevant technical regulations, data protection principles and data security requirements.
  • Knowledge of information and telecommunications technology and data security (physical security, cryptography, network security, malware and protective measures, etc.),
  • Basic business management skills (human resources, controlling, finance, sales, management, marketing, etc.),
  • Knowledge of the technical and organisational structure and its interaction in the responsible body to be supervised (organisational and operational structure or organisation of the responsible body)
  • Knowledge of the practical data protection management of a responsible body (e.g. implementation of controls, consulting, strategy development, documentation, directories, log file evaluation, risk management, analysis of security concepts, company agreements, video surveillance, etc.)

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ITM Gesellschaft für IT-Management mbH
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Požadované jazyky: Deutsch (Fortgeschritten), Englisch (Mittel-fortgeschritten)
Zařazeno: Ökonomie und Unternehmensfinanzen, Auditor, Projektmanager, Risikomanager, Konsultant
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