Operates a variety of Inkjet chips programming, testing, and assembly equipment to assist engineering staff in development, fabrication, and/or modification of electronic circuitry chips, devices, and machinery in a research laboratory and cleanroom environment, using knowledge of microelectronic processing equipment, procedures, and specifications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Tests developmental semiconductor/Inkjet chips devices or sample units and evaluates test equipment to develop data for engineering evaluation of new designs or special studies.

· Builds, modifies, and repairs electronic components, using a variety of electromechanical, electronic, and mechanical systems associated with semiconductor Inkjet chips research laboratories; operates various test equipment, logic and test probes, to verify product conformance to processing specifications or printer test performances.

· Assists engineering faculty, staff, and students in development of processing and testing techniques and laboratory equipment.

· Facilitates operation and maintenance of cleanroom, ensuring adherence to established standards. Works with vendors and customers.

· May assist in interpretation and evaluation of processing and research data and in preparation of related reports.

· May assist in technical writing of semiconductor/Inkjet chips processing specifications.

· Maintains an inventory of parts, finish supplies, and equipment required to maintain a cleanroom and affiliated research laboratory.

· Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

This job is for you, if YOU are:

· High school diploma or University degree; at least 2 year of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.

· Knowledge, Skills and flexibility

· Ability to develop and illustrate basic electronic circuitry according to design parameters and engineering instructions.

· Ability to test and evaluate semiconductor devices and electronic equipment.

· Ability to use a range of systems and processes to fabricate and/or modify electronic components

· Ability to understand and follow complex, detailed technical instructions.

· Knowledge of microelectronic cleanliness and quality standards.

· Ability to perform preventive maintenance according to published guidelines.

· Knowledge of microelectronics testing procedures and laboratory equipment.

· Good Office Microsoft office skills

Languages: good English in speaking and writing, advantage Chinese speaking.

Our offer includes:

· Excellent professional and career opportunities in the international team of talented and energetic people.

· Competitive salary

· Flexible working hours, no bureaucracy or formalism.

· International Professional training.

· Allowances and additional company benefits

Information about position

Svatoborská 427/89, Kyjov
Required education: University
Required languages: English (Advanced)
Listed in: Electrical and power engineering, Electrical engineer
Employment form
Employment form: Full-time work
Contract duration
Contract duration: Permanent
Employment contract
Employment contract: employment contract
Employer type: Employer

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