The beginnings of ESET date back to 1987, when two young programming enthusiasts, Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka, wrote a program for the detection of one of the world’s first computer viruses. They did not know that they had created one of the most successful antivirus programs in the world – dubbing it NOD. In 1992, together with their mutual friend Rudolf Hrubý, they formally established ESET.

What started as the brainchild of a few friends has evolved into the most valuable international brand of any Slovak company. Today ESET’s NOD32 technology protects over 100 million users across the world.

This success did not come overnight. The company’s global success and growth was given a boost in 1998 with its first “VB100” award from the prestigious Virus Bulletin magazine. Since then, we’ve received this accolade more than 100 times.

Today, over 1,700 employees around the world drive the company’s success – a telling increase from 3 in 1987 and 135 in 2006. Almost 800 of them are based in Slovakia, the home of ESET headquarters.

Throughout the company’s expansion, we have stayed true to the principles on which we were founded, and we remain independent in order to continue to meet new challenges.

Agile Test Engineer (Python, Cloud)

We are looking for a motivated person to join our agile team and help us to deliver cloud-based product releases as frequently as possible.

Our ESET Security Management Center team develops the new version of a security management console enabling remote monitoring and orchestration of security product settings on thousands of computers and mobile devices. In this position, you will work as part of a cross disciplined product team, taking responsibility for the quality of the deliverable, but ensuring that you help all team members understand how to act in an Agile Tester capacity so the team can self manage.

Required skills in a nutshell:

  • A practical knowledge of Python 3 programming language.
  • General familiarity with the Windows, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Ability to work with virtualization technologies (VMWare, VirtualBox etc.)
  • A basic knowledge of Bash scripting on Linux.
  • A hands-on experience in Agile development
  • A collaborative mind-set.
  • Ability or a strong will to design, develop and implement comprehensive QA test plans and test cases, tools and infrastructure.
  • Good time-management skills.

Role and responsibilities

  • Write test scenarios, test cases, test plans and contribute towards design notes.
  • Perform system testing, integration testing, end to end testing and regression testing.
  • Occasionally participate in testing of non-functional requirements and aspects such as security and performance.
  • Be involved in designing and executing automated and manual tests including exploratory testing, testing at component, end to end and feature level.
  • Unit test automation, CI/CD, unit tests, integration tests and Jenkins pipelines.

ESET will provide you an attractive benefits system and pleasant work environment. You can improve thanks to code reviews from seniors and your ideas will be welcome not only during daily scrum meetings. If you don’t like to wake up early-no worries, we have flexible working hours. Of course, we support your professional and personal growth by various education and training courses, conferences. Moreover, ESET will contribute to your travel expanses and will financially support you during important life events such as your wedding or the birth of a child. Oh yes and we cannot forget about our team buildings or beer sessions that we really like.

Motivated candidates are encouraged to apply even if you are missing some qualifications. We are looking forward to meet you.

Hany & Developers Team

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ESET Research Czech Republic s.r.o., Hana Kovaříková
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