Now we’re ready to welcome a talented iOS developer, an Apple enthusiast who is experienced in Swift development. Our open arms are full of prestigious projects, experienced senior colleagues, and fortifying patience.

The position will be exercised in our subsidiary Adastra.One.

What will you work at:

You will join our young team working on top-class apps, some of which you can know, for example Czech floorball, summer and winter Olympic Games, Sazka, MetLife, T-Mobile, and TESCO Groceries and Clubcard. Besides the Czech Republic, our clients are located mostly in Canada and UK.
Development and maintain, you should manage both.
You will cooperate with a project manager, depending on the app you are responsible for. Either you will be responsible for the whole piece, or you will work with a maximum of 2 other colleague devs.
The quick adoption of fresh ideas and technologies is important for us. We are working with machine learning and augmented reality, you can join our colleagues and learn about artificial intelligence, or something else that comes to your mind!
Besides apps development, we want you to develop yourself, too. As IT leaders, we always keep up with the times or, better yet, stay half a step ahead. Attending meetups, conferences and training can help with that.

Our Stack:

  • Languages: Swift, Objective-C
  • Libraries: Alamofire/Moya, PromiseKit, RxSwift/RxCocoa/RxFlow, CoordinatorKit
  • Analytics: Firebase Analytics
  • Continuous integration: AppCenter
  • Architectures: MVVM, MVC, CleanSwift (VIP), VIPER, RxSwift/RxCocoa/RxFlow
  • Technologies: ARKit, MLKit
  • Dependency manager: CocoaPods
  • Repository: Bitbucket (Gitflow workflow with Pull Requests)

We would be thrilled if you had:

  • Strong experience in iOS development.
  • Solid background in Swift and good knowledge of system frameworks.
  • Objective-C is nice to have, as we have used it for our projects recently.
  • English on a communicative level. If it fails sometimes, we communicate with our hands and feet.
  • Curiosity, love of learning, technical and analytical mindset - that's what we believe a good developer should have.

What we offer:

We welcome IT enthusiasts from all around the world. We provide visa and relocation support when moving to Prague. Right now it's 6 of us iOS devs at the office, but we cooperate remotely with colleagues from Bulgaria, Greece and Colombia.
Although we’re hard-workers, we still know how to have fun. Beer, movies, darts, bowling - you name it.
You definitely shouldn’t expect any corporate processes - dress code or formal communication - it isn't our thing.
Besides an appropriate salary or extra week of holidays, you can expect a family-like workplace. We are located in a villa in Prague 6 area (Hradčanská metro).
Friendly chats are available in our “living room” along with breakfast (served daily), in the line for outstanding coffee from CandyCane, while chilling out in the Fatboy corner, drinking Pragomošt lemonade, or wherever we bump into each other.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile with a sample of your work, along with a couple of lines about why you’re interested in this position. We look forward to meeting you!

Informace o pozici

ADASTRA, s.r.o.
Požadované vzdělání: Bakalářské
Požadované jazyky: Angličtina (Pokročilá), Čeština (Středně pokročilá)
Zařazeno: IS/IT: Vývoj aplikací a systémů, Programátor
Typ pracovního poměru
Typ pracovního poměru: Práce na plný úvazek
Délka pracovního poměru
Délka pracovního poměru: Na dobu neurčitou
Typ smluvního vztahu
Typ smluvního vztahu: pracovní smlouva, práce na živnostenský list/IČO
Zadavatel: Zaměstnavatel

Pozice je vhodná i pro absolventy.

ADASTRA, s.r.o., Michaela Dejnožková