We are Melown Technologies. We develop innovative 3D technologies for modeling urban development and landscapes. You may have heard that we created a detailed model of Czechia for Mapy.cz—the largest three-dimensional map in the world at the time. Our technology is exceptional and we are one of the companies setting the future of 3D modeling around the world.

Our vision is not just to create 3D models, but to understand them perfectly—we break them down into smaller parts and classify them to extract valuable data:for example, the placement of trees, benches, or other objects. The automatically extracted data will bring use to smart cities, architects, scientists, or even game designers.

Even though we are a small company from Prague with a startup culture, Hexagon is backing us—the world leader in the area of sensors, software, and autonomous solutions.

C++ System Developer

We are looking for a skilled C++ developer/programmer with min. 3 years of experience in system programming and algorithmic optimizations, with perfect knowledge of Linux systems and a passion for challenging tasks.

You are going to optimize and develop our photogrammetric software system codenamed Vadstena. You will be managing and monitoring our software systems and infrastructure. You will be working with a team of specialists and cooperating with other teams in Melowntech.

Recognize yourself in the following?

  • You are an experienced system developer.
  • Terms like algorithmic complexity, threads and caching are well known to you.
  • Your programs are well-structured and, even when implementing various tweaks and fixes, you would rather strengthen this structure than destroy it.
  • You are keen to learn about new software systems.
  • UNIX/Linux are your preferred systems to work with.
  • You’re not afraid of challenges and you remain level-headed when tackling them.

C++, Boost, Linux, System architecture, Concurrent programming, Memory models, Optimization, Bash

Informace o pozici

Melown Technologies SE
Strakonická 1199/2d, Praha – Hlubočepy
Required education: Education is not important
Required languages: Czech (Advanced), English (Intermediate)
Benefits: Flexible start/end of working hours, Holidays 5 weeks, Educational courses, training, Refreshments on workplace, Sick days, Occasional work from home, Work mostly from home, Individual schedules of working hours
Listed in: IS/IT: Application and system development
Employment form
Employment form: Full-time work, part-time work
Contract duration
Contract duration: Permanent
Employment contract
Employment contract: employment contract, contract under Trade Certificate / Identification No.
Employer type: Employer

Also suitable for graduates.

Job is also suitable for the physically challenged, attendance required – handicapped-accessible building. Also suitable for: Wheelchair bound.

Melown Technologies SE, Veronika Vlachová
+420 606 308 357