Richard Hunt has specialised in senior level executive search for marketing and communications positions in Central Europe, since 1994. He utilises the experience of his own marketing career in London and Prague with top companies and agencies. So if you want to speak about a top job in marketing - speak to someone who has done the job!

Brand Manager - Iconic global brand company

We have a wonderful opportunity to join one of the world's greatest marketeers! Depending on your experience and aspirations you may be the custodian of one or more of its iconic global brands; or for one of its innovation brands, for which the company sees considerable potential as it responds to the changing tastes of consumers.

The role carries real responsibility, and the salary package is above what is typical for roles with this title. That said, the company looks for younger marketeers with high potential, so is relatively open minded about the depth of experience expected. Another rare advantage is that the company is one of the few which still encourages its people to develop career paths internationally

With that in mind here are the key criteria you must meet, in order to be considered:

- between 3-8 years' brand management experience

- that experience should largely have been gained in FMCG, preferably international, companies.

- possibly your experience comes from the agency side, where you will have worked with such international FMCG companies

- excellent English, which you will use extensively

- you see yourself in the learning and development stage of your marketing career (not "at cruising altitude" )

If this opportunity sounds exciting, and you would like to explore it, please contact us in strictest confidence

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