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Android Developer

Our team is looking for full-time Android Developer looking to revolutionize the role of mobile technology in education. A proven leader in the market, Blackboard has produced multiple pioneering applications that have changed the way students and teachers approach education, and we are looking for someone who can help continue that tradition and, if still reading this and gets hired, will get a beer :) You are someone with desire of developing beautiful and practical android applications and someone excited to join an equally motivated team and bring those ideas to fruition.

What You Want To Do

  • Play a developer role in multiple apps used by millions of students and teachers around the world.
  • Partner with our Design team to craft beautiful user experiences, and then implement them with equally elegant code. UI is a passion of yours!
  • Work in a collaborative team full of passionate, talented people, who love using and making great apps.
  • Enter a room with only team members and a whiteboard; walk out with an idea and a plan for the next big thing.
  • Make education better. You remember how much education technology lacked, and you are excited to have an opportunity to completely change that.

What You Have

  • Experience working as a software engineer, including developing Android applications (on phones and tablets).
  • Experience with Java and the Android SDK
  • Experience working within a team; you know how to make your point heard, and hear what other people have to say as well.
  • Strong problem solving skills in a fast-paced environment.
  • A true love and appreciation for well-designed, scalable code. You are intolerant of anything less.
  • A true love and appreciation for impeccable design and simple UI. You might not be a Designer, but you are focused on beautiful UI for Android.

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about this role! :)

Informace o pozici

Kotlářská 989/51a, Brno – Veveří
Požadované vzdělání: Středoškolské nebo odborné vyučení s maturitou
Požadované jazyky: Angličtina (Středně pokročilá)
Benefity: Příspěvek na penzijní/životní připojištění, Flexibilní začátek/konec pracovní doby, Stravenky/příspěvek na stravování, Dovolená 5 týdnů, Vzdělávací kurzy, školení, Občerstvení na pracovišti, Individuální rozvržení pracovní doby
Zařazeno: IS/IT: Vývoj aplikací a systémů
Typ pracovního poměru
Typ pracovního poměru: Práce na plný úvazek, práce na zkrácený úvazek
Délka pracovního poměru
Délka pracovního poměru: Na dobu neurčitou
Typ smluvního vztahu
Typ smluvního vztahu: pracovní smlouva
Zadavatel: Zaměstnavatel

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