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Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Boy do we have something special for you this year! We are super excited about our new client and hope you will be too after reading this advert.

Our client is a Silicon Valley hi-tech sw engineering company, that works on an unprecedented scale - data, processing speed, computing power, infrastructure . Whatever angle you look at it - it is impressive, if not scary :) Forget about Big Data, they work with Huge Data and the proof is in the numbers below, so please keep scrolling down.

What they do
Our client's core product is a leading Programmatic Marketing Platform that learns. It is designed to go beyond 1:1 marketing by learning to predict what marketing actions to take with a particular person in a particular moment of time. Through artificial intelligence at big data scale, they optimize performance, awareness, and lift across channels for agencies and marketers.

The technology platform supports a serving system that handles over 250 Billion events every day (compared to 3-4 billion daily Google search queries), a reporting system that aggregates and analyzes terabytes of data in real-time, and a learning system that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques over 150 Petabytes of data. These systems work in harmony to serve a right advertisement to the right user at the right time.

In a nutshell, they are building some of the most advanced technology in the Ad Tech industry and are looking for senior technical experts who like to be challenged and push the limits of their knowledge and experience.

To support the global strategy of the organization it was decided to set up a SW Dev Center in Prague with an objective to attract top talent on the local and CEE market. In the initial phase of recruitment we are looking to build a Senior core team consisting mainly of the technical experts in the following domains:

  • Core Java / JVM internals SW Engineer
  • Data Infrastructure - Java, Scala, Hadoop, Hive, Pig,
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Experts
  • Web Developers with strong JavaScript

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning team’s work sits at the core of the technology as the key decision making agent for our systems. We research and develop the algorithms and models that make our software intelligent, as well as implementing, scaling, and maintaining the code that powers our production systems.

Some of the problems that ML / AI team works on solving:

  • Click/Conversion Prediction: How do you use the rich data we have about users to make predictions? How do you handle conversion events that are really rare, such as purchasing a cruise? How do you deal with cold start problems?
  • Bidding Strategies: How do you translate a click or conversion score into a bid? What if it’s a first price auction, second price auction, or has a floor? How do you take into account pacing for hour of day, day of week, and special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  • A/B Testing: When is a result significant? How do you weight across many different campaigns?
  • Fraud Detection: Many users of the web are not human, but rather bots, crawlers, or other pieces of software that is loading web pages. How do you detect these users and protect Rocket Fuel from showing ads to them?
  • Recommending Systems: Rocket Fuel dynamically tailors ads to each user, including the products shown. How do you decide which products to show in just a few milliseconds?

They work with some of the most cutting edge technologies to solve these problems, including Yarn / Hadoop (close to 2000 nodes), Spark, Hive, Hbase, and Storm. Programming is mostly done in Scala, Java, and Python.

What you need:

Ideally you will have an advanced degree (MSc or PhD) in ML / AI and several years experience in this area. I'm afraid that just interest (even if it's a strong one) will simply not be good enough for this particular role.

There are other positions withing the organization that also involve ML/ AI, but more using it as a 'black-box', for such positions strong programming skills in Java and Big Data technologies with interest in ML/AI could suffice.

Why apply:
Above all a pretty unique(for the local market at least) opportunity to work on a really exciting tech platform with some pretty smart folks (PhDs in Machine Learning and AI from Stanford and Cambridge). Some numbers to support the claims for the scale and complexity:

. 250 Billion bid requests per day (43 times the number of searches run on Google in a day)
. 2 Million requests per second at peak
. AI completes over 36 Billion decisions per second
.. for every bid, considering thousands of active campaigns and many multiple objectives
. for every bid, keeping to the SLA of under 100 millisecond per single request (70 milisec + latency)
. logs size: hundreds of TB per day
. physical data centers (core system)
.. 5000 servers
.. 72,000 processor cores
.. 240 teraflops compute power
.. 700,000 GB RAM
.. 150 Petabytes storage (two clusters of 80 and 70 PT)

Besides the fulfillment you'll get from working on all this cool tech - you will also be paid very well and enjoy a high level of autonomy and freedom - as that's what we'd expect from a Senior and mature professional.

if you are interested in learning more about this cool and exciting opportunity - please send me an email to Alex @ Zeebra Dot CZ.

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