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FLEETCOR is a worldwide leader in fuel card processing. Since its establishment in 2000, FLEETCOR has acquired and developed a number of major fuel card brands in North America and Europe. Its card programs are marketed under a variety of globally-recognized brand names including Fuelman, CFN, Mannatec, Keyfuels, and CCS. CCS Česká společnost pro platební karty s. r. o. is the biggest provider of fuel cards and GPS monitoring of company cars in the Czech republic and Central Europe.

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CCS České společnosti pro platební karty
FLEETCOR signed partnership with Shell.

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FLEETCOR is a leading independent global provider of specialised payment products and services including fleet cards, food cards, corporate lodging discount cards and other specialised payment services for businesses worldwide. FLEETCOR serves over 500,000 commercial accounts with millions of cardholders across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia. FLEETCOR also manages relationships with over 800 partners, ranging from small single fuelling locations to major oil companies. With adaptable and scalable platforms and programmes FLEETCOR is able to fulfil the requirement of a broad range of partners. Over the past decade FLEETCOR has grown from a regional fleet card provider to the global leader in fleet cards and specialised workforce payment products. FLEETCOR now operates through 23 offices worldwide. This success has been through acquisitions, partnerships and organic growth. In 2010 FLEETCOR became a public company on the NYSE:FLT and stock prices have continued to rise.


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FLEETCOR / CCS Česká společnost pro platební karty s.r.o.
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FLEETCOR / CCS Česká společnost pro platební karty s.r.o.
Adresa Praha – Libeň
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CCS Česká společnost pro platební karty s.r.o. / FLEETCOR
Adresa Praha – Libeň
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